"I value EVERY client, providing each one with personalized and diligent representation. I hold the firm's reputation in the highest regard and it shows through every aspect of our day-to-day procedures.  We stay focused on our clients needs through this most stressful time in their life." 

Professional Representation- I was fortunate enough to start out at one of the largest bankruptcy law firms on the west coast.  I had a terrific boss who trained me in all aspects of bankruptcy.  I was able to move directly to an open attorney position after passing the Nevada bar on my first try! I have since passed the California Bar as well as the Alabama Bar without trouble.  After being thrust straight into the courtroom, I was exhilarated by the interaction with the clients, trustees, and judges.  It made me feel great to have a part in getting honest people the fresh start that they so desperately needed!  After handling many cases, Iknew I wanted more out of my career.  Building a rapport with the clients was tough when I started meeting them for the first time at their hearings.  I decided that I wanted to be with them throughout this very emotional and trying time, which is why I decided to start my own practice.  

​​Melissa Cain, Esquire 

Personalized Service and Attention Here at our firm you will be greeted by your name and never treated like a number.  When you sit down with me all of your questions will be answered and you will not be pushed out of the door. 

Affordable Rates- Effective legal representation need not cost an arm and a leg. At our firm, we know that you are having financial troubles so we don't expect you to come up with an outrageous amount of money to get your case filed.  

Mrs. Cain has personally represented more than 600 cases in Federal Court through her own private practice, and has represented many more through firm(s) she was previously employed by. 

She is an experienced and compassionate attorney that will help you get debt relief through chapter 7 & 13 bankruptcy in Alabama. She will work hard every day to ensure your peace of mind during this difficult time. 


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Aaron and Melissa Cain


About Birmingham Bankruptcy ATTORNEY melissa cain

Melissa and Aaron, as well as everyone at the firm, have made us feel as good as can be expected about what we knew was a bad situation.  We are now almost past the final stage and I wanted everyone to know that even people who have a financially sound business and people who are responsible about their personal and business finances, can have troubles during these times, as we did and that this Law Group helped me and my wife feel OKAY about what we had to do.  Thank you Melissa, and thank You Aaron and thank you everyone at the law firm.
I highly recommend anyone who may find themselves in a similar situation as I know these folks can help them too.
V. King 
 I wanted to thank your firm, Mary and Mr. Otto for their preparedness and professionalism.  It was clear from watching the Trustee dealing with all the clients from your firm that you and your firm are well-respected in the industry.  The Trustee had all the documents he needed, which tells me how thorough your firm was in preparing for this meeting.  Mary was great at calming our nerves and making the whole process easy- it was really no big deal, as she said.  The sense of relief we felt knowing that we would be free of these debts, and the confidence of knowing we were so well represented, was enormous.  And we truly appreciate the responsiveness of you and your staff to our many questions and concerns about the process.  We will absolutely recommend your firm to anyone we know."
Shahana P.
 "Dear Melissa. My Wife and I want to thank you for all your hard work on our behalf in the filing of our bankruptcy. We so appreciate you being in court with us. We were a little terrified not knowing what to expect and then to see the other bankruptcy cases continued for lack of information provided by other attorneys, but you always had everything in order. The actual act of having to file bankruptcy and going to court was intimidating and embarrassing to say the least but you treated us like real people with no judgment from you. That alone meant the world to my wife and I. Were not bad people, just two in the countless millions in the same boat who now have the chance to start again. Thanks again,
The Copeland's"

"Dearest Melissa, Thank you so much for everything you've done for us :) We really appreciate you and your hard work.  You're such a sweet and caring person, not to mention an AMAZING attorney.  We truly wish you the best in your career and law firm.  God bless you!" 
The Labradors 

" I recently received my discharge, and would like to sincerely thank Melissa Cain for her services. My case was handled with professionalism, very efficient, affordable, and completed in timely manner. Your the best Melissa, you rock!!"
Dan M
"I really appreciate all the help and care that Melissa provided throught the filing process. Her price was much lower than other places I researched too. Surprisingly, I had dealt with Melissa a few months prior to making my final decision to file or not at another office. I guess it was fate that I found her again, by chance, and I'm very glad I did! Thank you so much once again!"
N. Lee

"Prior to having retained Melissa Cain as my attorney(s), I had already seen two other local attorney(s) both of which were uncaring and made me feel uncomfortable. From the moment that I met with Melissa, I felt for sure that I had found the right attorney for me.  I was very impressed with not only her professionalism, but also with her down to earth, easy to talk to approach. Right from the start Melissa reassured me that she would always be available to answers any & all of my questions when the need arose. Believe me when I say that I have called her many times & have always had a quick & speedy response from her each time. To be able to commnicate with her was like my lifeline to sanity. I am more relax now that I have Melissa in the
driver's seat for my bankrupcty. If you want a xlnt attorney that will be
there for you when you need her and that's very capable ..... you're in good hands with Melissa... I'm sure glad that I found Melissa (& Aaron)   
 Thanks Ever So Much"  
H. Mack
"Thank you for all your help and expeditiously taking care of my Bankruptcy your services have been truly priceless for me, especially with the economic hardships that has caused me and many others  to live in the emergency of the NOW!  
Thanks for everything!"
T. Johnson
 "Bankruptcy is one of the most devastating things to happen to me in my lifetime, but your law firm, with the compassion that you gave me, made it a lot easier for me to overcome this, and I really appreciate your personal attention that you gave to me."
"when my finances became unmanageable i shopped for a bankruptcy attorney and i got very lucky when i found melissa cain. melissa was professional, efficient,understanding, and affordable---but the best part of my experience was the cain law group made my problems vanish as i was filling out the paperwork.  i just don't recall  ever having been so impressed with first class quality service.thank you melissa cain, you are truly a lifesaver." 
Rick M. 
YYIIPPPEEE!...You have been so professional through all this--you helped make a very embarrassing situation tolerable! :0)
Jamie B.
Thank you so much for working late for me and my family.                                                                                        
D. Jefferson
Dear: Melissa
Thank you so much for your excellent service.  I will keep you on my list of favorite attorney. I will recommend the company to other people.
Thanks again,
R. Boonyanit
Thank you for your hard work and making this event run smoothly for me. I appreciated you meeting me at times that were convenient to my schedule, which I thought was above and beyond the call for an Attorney! You are an amazing woman! I just hope you have taken some time to stop and smell the roses!I have already referred a few people to you and will continue to do so.
Thanks again!
Scott. K. 

 Thank you Melissa and your wonderful staff.  You have guided us through this journey and made a very overwhelming situation of bankruptcy run smoothly.  You have been so patient with all our questions and requests.  You are the best and we highly recommend you to anyone that is facing bankruptcy.  Continued success!

Carol and Eric 


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Melissa Cain is an accomplished attorney.  She holds a license to practice law in four states:



License  # 1041B42Z


License # 313189

License  # 1015664


License # 10863